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28 October 2016


Design features

  •  Perfect vertical rhythm.
  •  6 built in styles: Red (default), Pink, Green, Blue, Orange and Navy, all in light and dark versions.
  •  Module Descriptions - a unique feature to add module descriptions under the module title.
  •  28+ Module positions for more flexibility.
  •  Unique AJAX Search module.
  •  Best javascript based full width slider with amazing effects and options.
  •  Amazing Typography with awesome price tables, lists, buttons, blockquotes, bubbles and lots more.
  •  jQuery powered browser detection script for various compatibility fixes. A unique and most wanted feature.


  •  Fixed 980px design.
  •  Various module styles for various highlight purposes.
  •  Custom offline and 404 page
  •  CSS3 Custom Checkboxes & Radio Buttons powered by CSS Ninja. Click here to check now!. Please note: this requires: Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9.6+, Safari 3.2+*, iPhone/iPod Safari**, Chrome 4+, IE9+ and it is disabled for "Remember me" checkbox of the login module.
  •  jQuery & CSS3 Custom Tooltips inspired by this tutorial. Test here.
  •  Valid XHTML and CSS

Extensions and addons


  •  RokBox - the ultimate media box.
  •  RokAjaxSearch - the ultimate AJAX search module for Joomla!
  •  RokPopup Module used for Login Register Module.
  •  iconsweets2 sleek icons for your spicy content items.

T3 Framework 2.0 Inside



  •  Browsers: IE7+, Chrome 4+, Safari, Firefox 1.5+, Opera 9.6+
  •  Joomla! 1.7 - includes Quickstart Installation with the very content you see here.
  •  jQuery - The template incorporates jQuery v1.6+ library used for various functions. No conflict is enabled.


  •  Full documentation for the template and extensions.
  •  Quickstart with beautiful sample data and module positions page.
  •  PSD Sources for the graphics used by the template.
  •  The Tools Panel allows you to switch layouts, menus, styles without leaving the page and without having to click apply all the time. It also displays valuable information about the styles or menus curently used and provides plenty of code snipets you can customize for your needs.
  •  Help will be provided via e-mail and/or by forum support. Click here to find out more..